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Supporting Survivors of Abuse

Supporting Survivors of Abuse

2nd October 2014

The Peodophile Hunter

This documentary follows online vigilante Stinson Hunter and his associates, who pose as children on social networking sites to draw out men who they assert have paedophilic predilections

Supporting Survivors of Abuse UK's response to the Channel 4 documentary.
Whilst we at SSOA can understand and relate to Hunter's views, we feel that his methods could be dangerous to himself, victims of abuse and alleged perpetrators. We feel that a properly funded and publically responsible service within the police should be the ones to carry out such investigations and prosocutions.

1st October 2014

Local Police Stations May be Closed to Cut Costs Local Police Stations May be Closed to Cut Costs

Supporting Survivors of Abuse UK's response to this new item.

We have to wonder what effect this will have on victims of abuse. It is already difficult for them to seek police help. If front-line policing becomes difficult to find, will victims make that extra leap?

Secondly, how can police stations be placed in libraries when they are also being cut? If they are to be placed into other 'community hubs', who is going to pick up the tab for this?
Where will these hubs be and how will the public find them? When will they be staffed and open?

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By Sally Jardine
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