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Supporting Survivors of Abuse

Supporting Survivors of Abuse

Partners of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Partners of sexual abuse survivors, are often, overlooked when it comes to support. There are few enough real life support groups for survivors themselves, so it is not surprising, that with the lack of funding there is a seldom any at all for partners of survivors.

Being a partner of a sexual abuse survivor is not the easiest of relationships to have in the world and will have many frustrations, although it can be a very rewarding one at times.

Many of you will have found your way here having been in a relationship for many years and having just found out that your partner is a survivor. Others will have just started a relationship and your partner has told you early on that they are a sexual abuse survivor. Either way, it can be a very stressful confusing situation to find yourself in, and no doubt you are going through a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts.

Last updated on 05/03/2015
By Sally Jardine
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